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About Kathy

I have had a camera in my hand much of my adult life. I studied Fine Art in university, after which I started a career as an art teacher. Deciding on a career shift, I went to graduate school to study counselling psychology and then practiced as a psychotherapist for the next thirty years. During that time, I was also a small-scale farmer with chickens, sheep, goats, and horses, led Vision Quest wilderness trips, raised a family, and won a “Garden of the Year” award from Canadian Gardening Magazine. Now that I have retired from clinical practice, I have more time for photography: I find it connects well with my therapy career. I approach photography from the perspective of listening deeply, observing and connecting to people's stories through my camera lens. 

Kathy’s photography creates a meaningful visual of moods and feelings that deeply engage the viewer, producing memories captured in just a moment....Her unique point of view is inspirational.
— Janice Friis, Co-Author of "The Light Within"