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About My Work

I have a restless spirit—both inner and outer exploration have always interested me. Mirroring my previous career as a psychotherapist, I seek to connect with people and their emotions in my photos. People don't have to be doing anything special to be photo-worthy, but I often focus on what is joyful and arresting. I find beauty in the ordinary and simple things of life. 

I’m curious. I love to share experiences with new people, and often find myself traveling off the beaten path to do so. I believe we are all connected, can learn from one another, and need purpose to feel fulfilled in our lives. When I make pictures, I risk more; differences and barriers melt away, and curiosity and wonder reign.

As a child, I spent summers in the Northern Ontario wilderness. I studied for a year in Switzerland at 17, and even today I enjoy exploring wild places and small towns around the world. As a therapist, I ran vision quests in the Canadian wilderness to help people to get to know themselves, and that same sensibility is present in my photos, which capture meaningful, authentic human moments. In fact, I learn about myself through my images. My projects represent personal stories, resilience, and daily life events.

I have traveled alone, with friends, and with my husband of 33 years. I especially connect with Africa. I care about the natural world and I am dismayed by the degradation of the environment. My images are a reminder that there is still goodness and beauty on our planet. If my photographs can bring delight or touch someone, I feel I have made a meaningful contribution. My ideal community includes people from all walks of life, who share a common interest in making the world a better place.